Business News and Notes for Dec. 10 |

Business News and Notes for Dec. 10

Print Shop owner prepares to say goodbye

Collin Smith

— It’s time to relax a little, Dennis Ovenden said.

“I think we’re gonna take it easy,” he said. “We’ve had this for 30 years. I might try and play some golf.”

The Ovendens, Dennis and his wife Jodie, recently sold The Print Shop, a mainstay on Victory Way for much of Craig’s recent history.

That history has been a good one, Ovenden said.

“We started here from scratch, really,” he said. “It’s been good. Made good money. Made a lot of friends.”

It goes without saying the couple will miss that when their shop transfers to the Craig Daily Press office some time around next year’s start, Ovenden added.

“I’ll miss working,” he said, “and people.”

Collaborating with customers, and always understanding their business was important to the community, was something the Ovendens took seriously and enjoyed.

“We always tried to keep our prices affordable and still make a living at the same time,” Ovenden said.

Selling the store was not in the plans, he said.

“Our son was going to take it over, but he got killed in an avalanche in 2002,” Ovenden said. “He can do anything I can do in here.”

Without the shop, the couple may have a chance to do some traveling.

“We’ve tried some, but when you have a business you don’t get a chance to get gone ever,” Ovenden said.

He and his wife may move away at some point, he added.

“We haven’t really had a chance to go out there and see what’s available,” Ovenden said. “I don’t know, (maybe not) unless we find someplace that’ll be good in the summer and the winter.”

As far as selling the building, it is on the market, but there haven’t been any offers or any interested visitors yet, Ovenden said.

Before the building sells and The Print Shop moves on, Ovenden had one thing he wanted to leave with the community:

“Thanks for everything.”

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