Business development topic of gathering |

Business development topic of gathering

Tyler Baskfield

People with an interest in the economic development of Northwest Colorado will have a chance to hear and address concerns about area progress into the next millennium.

The Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry Educational Foundation and the Craig Chamber of Commerce will hold a regional round-table discussion with business and community leaders at 8 a.m. Wednesday in the Moffat County School District Administration Building. The project will help set a five-year agenda on a long-term strategy for building and improving a public-private partnership in Colorado to stimulate and sustain economic diversity.

The mission of the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry Educational Foundation is to work on a legislative level to improve the business environment in Colorado. The five-year plan, referred to as the millennium blueprint, gives the foundation the big picture of what direction to go.

The blueprint has three principal objectives:

Build a statewide consensus regarding issues and strategies to be included in the next blueprint.

Issue a major strategic report that contains findings and strategies pertaining to the issues that are most critical to the long-term economic health of Colorado; and

Establish a plan and mechanism for monitoring and measuring ongoing progress in Colorado in addressing each of the blueprint issues.

According to Pattie Snidow, Craig Chamber of Commerce board member, the round-table meeting will be important for the community because it will establish what obstacles need to be conquered for economic development to continue in Northwest Colorado.

“It is important because they want to hear what our needs are on a legislative level,” said Snidow. “Their job is to hear from the community what is hindering our progress. It is our opportunity to tell them.”

Snidow also believes anyone with an interest in economic development should attend the meeting. Many business and community leaders, along with representatives from the Craig Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee will attend the meeting, according to Snidow.

Anyone who has not received an invitation but wants to attend the meeting can call Snidow at 824-1118.