Business class offered locally looks at keeping track of goals

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A variety of business classes will be offered in Craig this month that include:

Managing and achieving organizational goals

5 Thursdays

5:30-7:25 p m. Jan. 16 to Feb. 13

  • A hands-on guide to both setting and redefining goals, as well as a nuts-and-bolts planning resource for achieving those goals.
  • Apply techniques and practical tips that will facilitate goal-setting endeavors.
  • Troubleshoot and rescue goals that have gotten off track.
  • Celebrate goal achievement and recognize individual and work unit contributions

The class includes how to implement five proven goal-setting criteria to increase chances for success as well as how to tie in departmental or work unit goals to the larger organization’s mission

  • Develop a credible selling strategy to facilitate a wider buy-in of each goal

Another class offered in Craig focuses on communication skills.

Listen and be Listened To

5 Tuesdays

5:30-7:25 p.m. Jan. 14 to Feb. 11

This program’s combination of four one-hour tapes and a step-by-step workbook gives participants specific solutions to real-life management problems.

Listen with all your senses — and pick up the feelings and messages behind the words.

  • Discriminate between the various non-verbal cues you receive — and send — in every face-to-face


  • Overcome the barriers to good listening: distractions, personal perceptions, and language problems
  • Focus on the content of the messages you hear, not the delivery

Tuition: scholarship for Moffat residents; cost: $50.00 for books; $62.90 in-state rate.

Call 824-7078, or Ken Farmer at 824-1132, for more details on

these classes.

  • Improve your memory so you can retain important facts
  • You’ll learn how to:
  • Listen to others actively, critically, and responsively
  • Become a more intelligent and discerning listener
  • Save time and reduce costly mistakes and losses caused by

miscommunication with both customers and co-workers

  • *

  • SUCCESSFUL INTERVIEWING: Techniques for Hiring
  • Coaching, and Performance Management Meetings.,
  • 5 THURSDAY’S 7:30-9:30 pm, January 16 to February 13
  • Here is the course that can turn non-interviewers into good

interviewers-and good interviewers into great interviewers. Whether you’re a

general manager or human resources specialist, the fact is that you do some

interviewing (formally or informally) virtually every day. This course will

help you sharpen such skills as open-ended questioning, active listening,

and reading body language-all essential in a variety of management

situations. You’ll learn to apply these techniques to 12 types of business

interviews, from hiring and coaching to assessment and termination. You’ll

even gain practice in dealing with interviewees who are nervous, aggressive,

overly talkative, evasive, or otherwise challenging.” Which questions can

and can’t I ask? How should I document an interview?” Because such concerns

can trip up even the most experienced business interviewer, you’ll find

clear guidance on key legal issues and specific do’s and do not’s dictated

by current legislation. Managers will also appreciate the wealth of

real-life dialogs that highlight this broad-based and highly useful course.

Please Call 824.7078 or Ken Farmer 824.1132, for more details on these classes. Cost: $50.00 for books

Tuition: scholarship for Moffat residents.

$62.90 In-state rate

  • AMA Workshops in February 2003
  • Interpersonal Negotiations:
  • Breaking Down the Barriers
  • 5 TUESDAY’S 5:30-7:25 pm, February 18 to March 25
  • Builds on mutual understanding and respect for each other’s needs

and provides a proven framework for fulfilling them. You’ll discover the

secrets that can help turn an adversary into an advocate. This course takes

the “win/win” concept a step further to make negotiating a more gratifying

experience-even if you don’t get exactly what you want.

  • Learn how to:
  • Ensure a safe, fair, and effective negotiation process
  • Direct the negotiation process to create mutual understanding and


  • Make it easy for others to understand your needs
  • Be creative and persistent to address and resolve blocks to

successful negotiation

  • The Psychology of Selling:
  • How to Read Your Customer
  • 5 TUESDAY’S 7:30-9:30 pm February 18 to March 25
  • This program lets you listen in on realistic scenarios and sales

calls. You’ll hear the techniques other salespeople use to uncover hidden

agendas, project a positive image, and gain credibility. You’ll gain

customer insights and commission-rich sales techniques that you can use


  • Learn how to:
  • Understand the number one factor that determines what customers buy

and who they buy from-fulfilling a personal or professional need

  • Deal effectively with buyer doubt and complacency
  • Recognize the five types of questions buyers use to signal that

they’re ready to make a deal

  • Course Objective: Employ techniques to uncover hidden agendas,

project a positive image, and gain credibility when selling.

  • How to build High Performance Teams.
  • 5THURSDAY’S 5:30-7:25 pm February 20 to March 27
  • Focuses on the how-to keys of team building-from recruiting the

right team members to truly empowering them with authority and

responsibility for their decisions and performance. You’ll understand how to

build trust, confidence, and group work skills, balancing and fine-tuning

the team process as you go.

  • Learn how to:
  • Build and manage teams that live up to their promise of higher

productivity and greater problem-solving ability

  • Maximize team productivity by encouraging group discussion and


  • Overcome organizational, management and employee barriers to


  • Manage interpersonal conflicts among team members

Compensation: How to Develop Effective Reward Programs

  • 5 THURSDAY’S 7:30-9:30 pm February 20 to March 27
  • This course will give you a solid, fundamental understanding of the

field of motivation and serve as a primary resource as you implement new

programs or improve existing ones.

  • Learn how to:
  • Determine and maintain motivators that will attract, retain,


  • Develop motivation policy guidelines that reflect the company’s

values and culture

  • Meet the seven basic objectives when implementing an effective

motivation plan

  • Integrate performance, productivity and business results into the

motivation process

  • Adjust motivation plans to address a company’s changing needs
  • AMA Workshops in April 2003
  • Managing Stress
  • Personal Strategies for Managing Stress
  • 5 TUESDAY’S 5:30-7:25 pm April 01 to April 29
  • shows you how to deal with the stress that is inevitable at work, at

home, in all environments and, then, turn it to your advantage. This course

helps you respond productively to virtually all problems and challenges,

without getting “stressed out.”

  • Course Objective: Identify and recognize different types of stress

and utilize techniques to manage problems and challenges without stress.

  • Keeping Customers for Life
  • 5 TUESDAY’S 7:30-9:30 pm ,April 01 to April 29
  • Learn how to:
  • Apply the”I.D.E.A.”Process (Identify, Diagnose, Explore, and Act)
  • for resolving complaints and solving customers’ problems
  • Seize Customer Service Opportunities (CSO)
  • Empower your frontline contact people to be proactive champions .
  • Course Objective: Understand strategies for improving overall

customer satisfaction

  • Leadership Skills for Managers
  • 5 THURSDAY’S 5:30-7:25 pm April 03 to May 01
  • Managing in today’s dynamic, diverse workplace demands a new type of

leadership. The new leaders must be visionaries, change agents, coaches, and

empowerers. Leadership Skills for Managers outlines the skills necessary to

fulfill this challenging, changing, and rewarding leadership role. Project

a flexible, sensitive leadership style that acknowledges people as

individuals. Respond effectively to the leadership challenges managers now

face. Coach others to peak performance.

  • You’ll learn how to:
  • Empower and motivate employees to peak performance
  • Manage change in a positive, proactive way by clearly communicating


to Safe Hiring, Managing, and Firing Practices

5 THURSDAY’S 7:30-9:30 pm April 03 to May 01

Staying out of trouble is a matter of being prepared. And that’s exactly

what you’ll learn in Fair, Square, and Legal – clear, unambiguous,

step-by-step methods of documentation, compliance, and prevention for every

business-related action that can raise legal liability.

Written by a manager for managers, the course translates complex legal

concepts and precedents into a set of easy-to-learn guidelines for managing

people. It gives you a systematic knowledge of the ways the laws governing

equal opportunity and employee rights protect not only your employees, but

you, the manager, as well. You’ll see that understanding and adhering to

employment law is simply good business.

Please Call 824.7078 or Ken Farmer 824.1132, for more details on these

classes. Cost $50.00 for Books Tuition: SCHOLARSHIP for Moffat Residents.

$62.90 In state rate

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