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Bulldogs rack up tackles

Bruce Tippets

If it’s one thing opponents of the Moffat County Bulldogs know, they better get prepared to be hit.

Win or lose, the Bulldogs will find the ball, and who carries it, and put them down.

Tackles are what four seniors on the Moffat County High School varsity football team have mastered during the past 10 games.

Those seniors are middle linebacker Kevin Field, outside linebacker Frank Counts, defensive tackle Matt Johnston and noseguard Kurtis Kostur.

Few other players in Class 3A football are reporting the numbers these Bulldogs are putting up, making them some of the best defensive players in the state.

For the season, Field leads the way with 133 tackles, 65 assists and eight sacks.

“It’s pretty exciting playing middle linebacker, because you are right there and you can see what is going on everywhere,” said Field. “You are always doing something because you can go either way. You can fill the holes.”

Friday against the Battle Mountain Huskies, Field recorded a career-high 25 tackles.

“I was just trying to do my best and I had a goal set before the game with the number of tackles that I wanted,” said Field. “It’s my career high for solo tackles and they were just running the ball enough for me to make those tackles.”

Field knows he doesn’t play the game solo.

“Matt and Kurtis open up the holes for me to make all those tackles,” said Field. “Frank is right next to me and he pushes them back into me. Without those three I wouldn’t be making a lot of tackles.”

Counts is second on the team with 101 tackles, 65 assists and three sacks.

“This year playing outside linebacker I have had a lot of action,” said Counts. “I have played aggressive and I guess I have racked up a lot of tackles.”

Counts is also the lead running back on the team with 754 yards and 10 touchdowns.

“Playing both sides of the ball is tiring,” said Counts. “It’s awesome having a good offensive line and having Matt as your lead blocker.”

Johnston finished the regular season with 75 tackles, 50 assists and seven sacks.

“It’s a tough position getting any tackles,” said Johnston. “To be ranked in the state is pretty weird. We all make each other better.

“It’s pretty hard to block all four of us at the same time and I don’t think all four of us have ever got blocked at the same time.”

Johnston believes his teammates make up a strong defensive unit.

“I am really lucky to play with Matt, Kurtis and Kevin,” said Johnston. “They are all good football players and they are all really tough. We all work together and we get the job done.”

Kostur has made 70 tackles, 50 assists and eight sacks.

“Playing noseguard is pretty fun,” said Kostur. “A lot of guys that I go against are bigger and I just depend on speed.”

“Kevin, Frank and Matt are all really aggressive,” said Kostur. “It helps to know that you have that kind of hitting power. Overall, it has been fun playing with them.”