Bryce Jacobson: So far, so good |

Bryce Jacobson: So far, so good

In the future, this column will be filled with constructive criticism of some board, agency or council.

I will use this column to share my opinions about things in this community that I would like to see improved, changed or maintained.

Today, my subject matter is a little different.

My family and I were very excited to move back to a small town. We wanted to get back to a place where everyone knew our names, where we could raise our children with values and not fear. We wanted to live somewhere where nice people greeted us in every store or restaurant. We wanted our children to attend smaller schools with better teachers, with greater dedication to education.

By golly, I think we found it. My name and picture were in the paper last week, and it seems everyone read that paper.

Anywhere I go, residents recognize me, say hello and welcome me to Craig.

As I travel around town, visiting businesses, looking for houses, checking out the beautiful scenery that surrounds us, I am pleased with what I hear and what I see.

The residents of Craig are not sharing the downside of Craig with me; they are sharing all the fantastic things that Craig has to offer.

The amount of fear you have when living in a bigger city is determined by the individual, depending on what he or she is used to. Jamey and I are not big city people — we were not at all comfortable living in a bigger city.

Craig is the perfect size, and Jamey and I are resting better knowing that Craig is, overall, a safe town to live in and raise our children.

When we go to the grocery store, schools or restaurants, we have been greeted with a genuine smile and friendliness. The employees of businesses here seem to be happy; they seem to enjoy their jobs. The only thing that seems to matter to them is making me, the customer, happy with the service or product I am purchasing.

My son is attending Ridgeview Elementary School. After being in the school one time, teachers, administrators and children are beginning to recognize us and say hello.

Peyton seems to be very excited to go to school every day. Even though the class size is a little larger than I would like, he is getting a great education.

As we toured the school Jan. 9, the counselor knew every student’s name. I am not kidding — every student’s name.

We are so happy to be here.

Congratulations, Craig! You have created a fantastic place to live.

You have created a community that makes outsiders feel like insiders.

Thank you for making my family and me feel so welcome in your town. I look forward to meeting you again, and I hope that someday, I might remember your name.

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