Bryce Jacobson: Praise for Loudy-Simpson |

Bryce Jacobson: Praise for Loudy-Simpson

In the last installment of the Publisher’s Notebook, I wrote that all my columns in the future would be filled with constructive criticisms. I lied.

Craig and Moffat County have impressed me once again, I have been compelled to write about yet another fantastic part of this community.

On Saturday, my family and I went out to Loudy-Simpson Park to see whether we could go ice skating. When we ar–rived, the open ice skating hours were nearly over, so we were unable to skate. As we toured the facility, we noticed several women coming in with huge bags of equipment on their backs (if their husbands were with them, they were carrying the bags). These women were from Craig and from Glenwood Springs, coming to Loudy-Simpson Park’s Cougar Den to play hockey.

Not only does Loudy-Simpson Park provide a place for families to spend time together, but it also provides a great forum for competitive ice skating. Eleven players on the Glenwood Springs team faced off against the Craig hockey team. Glenwood played Craig on Saturday evening and then again on Sunday morning. When you figure that if each player from Glenwood Springs had a motel room and ate supper and breakfast, that alone would be about $150 spent in Craig. Multiply that by 11 and you have a minimum of $1,500 financial impact. That does not include the possibility of filling up any vehicles with gas, shopping or any extended stays.

This weekend, Loudy-Simpson Park is playing host to eight women’s hockey teams. Based on the figures mentioned before, the financial impact from this tournament could be near $10,000 being spent in Craig.

Congratulations Craig and Moffat County, you have done it again. Loudy-Simpson Park is something that everyone in this community should be very proud of. It is quite amazing to me that a community this size can have such a beautiful facility. The financial impact this park has on this community is remarkable. I would encourage every business owner with a marquee to change his or her sign this weekend to welcome these hockey players coming into Craig from seven other communities in this region.

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