Brittany Madigan: Suffering from a severe case of senioritis |

Brittany Madigan: Suffering from a severe case of senioritis

Brittany Madigan, Blue Print
Brittany Madigan

Being a senior in high school brings a lot of excitement and high expectations. At Moffat County High School, being a senior means being top dog on campus, owning the best parking spots in the parking lot, getting off-campus lunches, enduring the “easy” schedule, and of course trying to withstand the anticipation of graduation.

What a lot of people don’t realize though, there are two sides to the last year of high school. Everyone gets to experience the fun, easy-going, relaxed side, but most of the seniors I know are also dealing with the stressful, tiring, and not-so-good side of senior year. Senior year is the defining year when college applications are being completed while also trying to keep up with jobs, sports, clubs, and homework. There are essays and recommendations to be written, transcripts to be sent, and deadlines to be met. After all applications are completed, the waiting for admission decisions, studying for finals, and the relief of second semester doesn’t come soon enough.

It’s not all bad, we all look forward to picking the class of 2012’s song for graduation and the sense of pride we all share when we wear our class shirts, or engage in early conversations about prom, but they’re just the small things that are relieving our stress and helping us get by. It’s almost just a superficial outlook on what senior year is like because the tension is running so high behind the scenes. And while the college application stress is varying from student to student, college applications are still consuming most of the first semester of a senior’s life as homework keeps piling up at an exponential rate.

And then the second semester will be spent applying for scholarships and filing a student loan. The third quarter is going to be concentrated on scrutinizing and comparing financial aid packages sent by colleges. By the end up April, every senior will be forced to finally make final decisions and send in a big matriculation deposit.

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Even if we manage to get through the whole application process with our sanity intact, we must maintain the same grades we’ve been receiving throughout our high school career. Staying up until one or two in the morning once or twice a week to finish homework is considered normal. Some of us have even been late to school to catch up on much-needed sleep and then resorted to a big cup of coffee or a tall Red Bull because it’s needed to get through the rest of the day.

Many seniors at MCHS are enrolled in dual credit and advanced placement classes, not for the fun of it but because of the simple answer: college. The brutal competition to get into a selective state or private school makes it almost necessary to take more advanced classes. I can honestly say that I am dealing with more than I can handle right now between clubs, classes, homework, and having a job.

However, many seniors have found refuge in the MCHS Counseling Department made up of a team of great counselors to help every step of the way. When I’m finally walking during graduation, I’ll appreciate all of the work I’ve done these past few months, but for now, I’ll continue suffering from a severe case of senioritis.

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