Bring back spring |

Bring back spring

David Pressgrove

The official start of summer is about a week and a half removed, which means for children the pool is the perfect temperature, for teenagers the tan is reaching its prime and for adults work gets harder to sit through if it’s an inside job and harder to stay standing at if one works outside.

For most sports fans, the beginning of summer signifies one thingboredom.

If Bryan Adams were to write a song about the Summer of ’02 his line about sports would go something like this, “the excitement of sports followed Mike Tyson’s career out the door ewww eeee ewww in the Summer of ’02(if this is my last column it is because Adams hired me as a song writer).”

One may argue that we’ve still got Wimbledon and Major League Baseball’s All-Star game to look forward to. Yet does anybody know any of the men left in the great grass tournament? The roster of tennis players is about as familiar to me as the names of the University of Southern Florida’s hockey team.

The All-Star game is all right I guess, but you only get to see your favorite player pitch one inning or take one at bat. I know, I know it’s an honor just to be there. Just like it is an honor to be the Employee of the Month, but what does that get ya? About the same thing it gets a player who goes to the All-Star game, a .0001 percent pay bonus and a couple of pictures for the scrap book.

Ok, I should take a deep breath and apologize for the cynicism that is oozing from this column faster than the plasma and platelets that gushed form the aforementioned boxer after his loss to Lewis.

I guess I’m suffering from Post Spring Syndrome. Did anyone else notice what a great season spring of ’02 was for the sports fan? We had the World Cup, the most exciting hockey played in a long time in the semifinals of the Stanley Cup playoffs and alongside were the NBA playoffs that even made pro basketball exciting. Don’t forget Tiger winning, the unpredictable College World Series and War Emblem’s attempt at the Triple Crown. Finally baseball was still fun to watch because every baseball team still had a chance to win the pennant.

Before I moved out to Craig (two and a half weeks ago) my cousin and I were in couch potato heaven. We had two televisions hooked up with one of the screens having picture-in-picture allowing three sporting events at once. A typical night would be spent watching the NHL playoffs on one screen while a MLB game and the NBA was on the picture-in-picture. My eyes will never forgive me, but that was a fan’s paradise.

So far during the summer what three events could we have watched? Within the last week it could have been the WNBA, the NBA draft and Xavier Malisse vs. Grad Rusdeski at Wimbledon. Doesn’t get any more exciting than that. I think I’ll stick with the History Channel.

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