Briefs for March 2, 2013 |

Briefs for March 2, 2013

Resident celebrating 80th birthday today

Longtime Craig resident Jane Pickert celebrates here 80th birthday today. Jane moved to Craig in the late 70s from upstate New York. A mother of five children, she and her family ran the Day Tripper in the 80s, a local bike shop with archery lanes. Pickert is now retired and enjoys spending time reading and watching her favorite baseball team, the Colorado Rockies, in the summer. She enjoys following the Denver Broncos in the fall and winter.

CPW offers sage grouse viewing tours in area

Colorado Parks and Wildlife along with partner Conservation Colorado is providing the public with guided greater sage grouse-viewing tours in Northwest Colorado from March 28 through April 7.

Anyone interested in experiencing a unique wildlife viewing experience in Colorado is encouraged to sign up for the guided tour.

“If you are a dedicated bird watcher, sage grouse mating is certainly one for your life-list,” Parks and Wildlife watchable wildlife coordinator Trina Romero said in a news release. “But even a casual wildlife watcher will be in awe of this beautiful display.”

Space is limited and reservations are required. To reserve your spot, visit:

For thousands of years, sage grouse have returned to their traditional breeding grounds — called leks — to perform a dramatic and complex dance as they compete for mates, according to the news release. Watching male sage grouse spread their spiked tail feathers and pop their large air sacs is a visual treat for bird watchers. Hundreds from across the world visit Colorado every year to observe the mating display.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife provides a viewing trailer for the guided tour so that people can sit inside and not disturb the grouse on the lek.

“It’s a responsible way to observe lekking behavior, and I highly recommend it,” Romero said in the release. “Ethical wildlife viewing, especially of a sensitive species, should be a priority for all wildlife viewers.”

Group seeking supplies for veteran projects

Knit-wits, a local group that makes caps, scarves, quilts, afgans, lap blankets and more for military veterans, is in need of yarn, thread, glue, dowels and other craft items. For more information, contact Kathy Carlton at 970-826-9943. All are welcome to attend the group’s weekly meetings, held from 3 to 4 p.m. Tuesdays and Fridays at Sunset Meadows II, 595 Ledford St.


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