Brianna Myre-Wilensky: Inform yourself about what McCain has done |

Brianna Myre-Wilensky: Inform yourself about what McCain has done

Although I commend Gar William’s service to our country and the American Legion, I wish he was better informed on where the candidates stand on veterans’ issues. A candid look at McCain’s voting record shows that he voted against veteran benefit bills more than he voted for them. The bills he did vote for gave significantly less money to veterans than the ones he voted against, even when there was a clear way to pay for these benefits. He also voted against a recent bill to give veterans scholarships, calling the bill “too generous.”

Furthermore, if the economy is a key issue to Williams, he should consider what Republican policy has done to our economic well-being. The Bush doctrine has favored capitol to work and the rich to the poor.

Although the average middle class family received an 8 percent tax cut, the richest 1 percent received a 24 percent tax cut, when they needed it the least. This helped create a record deficit of half a trillion dollars per year (under Clinton, we had a surplus), which has doubled the national debt, causing the dollar to devalue and the price of oil, food, etc., to go up.

Jobs are shipped overseas (companies actually receive tax breaks for doing so) causing unemployment to rise, the deregulation of the lending market has led to the housing crisis, and the list goes on and on. The McCain economic plan proposes the same policies.

Obama wants to lower taxes for 95 percent of the population, who are in desperate need of it, and reduce the tax cuts that the rich have received.

He wants to lower health care costs for all (McCain doesn’t even mention health care) and keep jobs in the United States. This election is crucial, so let’s make informed decisions.

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Brianna Myre-Wilensky