Brent Curtice: Moffat County School District works to reach various goals |

Brent Curtice: Moffat County School District works to reach various goals

Brent Curtice
Brent Curtice

Many times while walking the halls of school buildings I have seen students jumping up to touch the ceiling panels.

The activity usually starts off with one or two learners trying the jump and before long there will be eight or so jumpers, leaping through the air to achieve the same goal of touching the ceiling panel.

These learners are testing their skills, stimulated by the challenge of reaching for something beyond their normal grasp. Now imagine a school where all the ceiling panels are easy to reach. Image a place where there is no jumping and no challenge. There are no attempts to stretch beyond their normal day-to-day existence.

The future does not belong to those who are content with a low ceiling of expectation. The future belongs to those who set their eyes upon the high ceilings and then jump with all their resource to touch that point of the ceiling, which beckons them.

Moffat County School District is a district where there is a positive environment for learning, therefore creating a climate that is conducive to change.

The resources and staff help create this vision. A shared vision becomes a vision shared.

In an effort to build upon the district’s strengths and to create a shared vision for the future, we will build with a structured plan.

The purpose of the plan is to first, reconnect the school organization and community by interacting with a variety of stakeholders and community leaders with diverse perspectives.

Second, our district is committed to higher levels of achievement and innovation. We must collectively build on the progress we’ve made over the past two years developing an aligned curriculum with Understanding by Design framework.

Third, build a multi-year financial plan. Moffat County schools will maintain and sustain the financial integrity of our district while providing quality programs that meet or exceed the needs of all students.

Fourth, build an instructional plan with the instructional coaches that will provide teachers support with district wide goals.

MCSD is a district where we promote a harmonious relationship between the school, the home, and the community. The growth of this relationship will be stimulated by staff expertise, modern educational facilities, and community support. This relationship will be enhanced by a comprehensive school district program within the framework of a rural school setting with limited class size.

MCSD is a district where all students can be successful. We believe student success is created through a variety of principles: Success through personal responsibility, concern for and acceptance of individuals, open and honest communication, cooperation, discipline, respect, high expectations, critical thinking, digital learning, lifelong learning activities and providing various options to succeed.

MCSD is a district where we strive to provide a progressive, creative and innovative education within the framework of the school district policies.

The educational environment will be conducive to self-development through lifelong learning activities, intellectual, physical and moral pursuits.

Our foremost goal is to graduate students with technological skills for the 21st century that will fulfill their needs, desires and obligations to become a productive member of our society.

We will make certain that every student that graduates from Moffat County School District will have multiple options for his or her future.

Brent Curtice is the superintendent of Moffat County School District RE-1.

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