Bravo Stephanie Pearce |

Bravo Stephanie Pearce

To the editor:

Her vision of the American dream, as she sees it, is without question being slowly, surely and intentionally stolen from each of us, our children and grandchildren. It has always been the dream of the “big government” crowd — primarily liberals, progressives and socialist to control education. There will be those who take exception to that statement, my question to you then would be, if you don’t believe in it then why vote for those who promote it? What better way to control the masses than to socially engineer (indoctrinate) them thru the education system. Our government wants to have your children from pre-school through, now it seems, the first two years of college. Think about it, who is going to have more of a chance of shaping (twisting) the minds of these youngsters, you or the teacher through common (government) standards and the attention of these youngsters for six to eight hours a day? Do your research and see what the U.S. Department of Education was originally created for and you will see that it has provided nothing more than a conduit for social engineering for whichever party is in power at the time. It is a $110 billion a year failure and a waste of taxpayer money. Common Core is the culmination of the dream to shape, not citizens, but already indoctrinated subjects, someone incapable of independent thinking. Socialism is one of the largest failures ever foisted on mankind and one only has to look at many European countries for proof, it simply does not work and common sense will tell you that it cannot work. Socialism is pushed by those who want something from it, those who need to feel good about themselves while patting themselves on the back for all the good things they have done and those who want the power to control; all failing to look back at the disaster they have caused, socialism is the world of mediocrity and failure. There is a reason America is the greatest nation on earth and we did not get there with socialism. Something left out by Stephanie needs mentioned, the apathy and the failure of many people to get involved is helping drive our demise, the failure of people to educate themselves on the facts when they vote. Simply put, a 10 second sound bite or party talking points do not make an educated voter. The much hyped “inequality” that is so often preached about by those on the left when supporting their wealth distribution schemes has one major problem, the problem, being for the most part, an inequality of effort (opportunities abound) on the part of those who seem to think someone else owes them something for nothing. You cannot build someone up by tearing someone else down.

John Williams


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