Boys & Girls Club of Craig challenges a world record |

Boys & Girls Club of Craig challenges a world record

Erin Fenner
About 120 children participated in the Boys & Girls of Northwest Colorado Guinness Book of World Records attempt.
Erin Fenner

About 120 children took action Friday at the Boys & Girls Club of Northwest Colorado and exercised with the goal to add to the Guinness Book of World Records.

The attempt was inspired by a nationwide effort by Boys & Girls Clubs all across the country to challenge a fitness record. The national nonprofit wanted to see if they could get the most people exercising to a fitness video within 24 hours.

“You guys have an opportunity to be involved in an official world record,” Program Director Kari Neuman said to a group of excited Boys & Girls Club kids.

The Boys & Girls Club of Steamboat Springs had participated in the event Thursday, so Kim Maneotis, unit director for the Boys & Girls Club of Craig, wanted to inspire the local kids to work just as hard as their Steamboat counterparts.

“Today, it’s our time to rock it,” she said.

The horde of children lined up in the gym with members of the baseball team among them to be demonstrative helpers.

The event “brought in an attainable goal and it showed them that fitness was fun,” Neuman said. “It showed them what they could be, with the baseball players.”

Kids at the event were encouraged to pursue sports such as baseball and other active sports or fun.

To break the record, the group was required to follow a 15-minute exercise video and keep moving. Participants would only count toward breaking the record if they were staying active throughout the whole video.

Overall it was a fun event for the kids, Neuman said.

“It’s neat for these Craig kids,” she said.

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