Boy Scout tries to earn eagle wings by helping community |

Boy Scout tries to earn eagle wings by helping community

Tyler Baskfield

There will be a teen-ager painting on the curbs of Craig, but it’s not graffiti and the police won’t be investigating for vandalism.
Jonathan Herring, 17, a local Boy Scout with Troop 198 will paint street address numbers in front of houses on the curbs throughout town. He is doing this service project as his next step to becoming an Eagle Scout.
To become an Eagle Scout Herring has to donate 100 community service hours.
Both the Craig City Council and the Craig Police Department have given Herring permission for the project. The project will be completed without any cost to homeowners.
Bill Johnston, Craig Fire/Rescue assistant fire chief and City Council member, believes the project will benefit people responding to emergencies.
“I think it will really help elderly people,” said Johnston. “The people who are too old to maintain the numbers on their houses often are the people who need help. Having the numbers out on the curbs will make things easier.”
According to Herring, many houses in Craig either have numbers that are hard to read or do not have their addresses posted at all. He believes this project will help some of the agencies that need to find houses when there is an emergency.
“I thought it would be helpful to the hospital, fire department and police,” said Herring. “It should make it easier for them to find the house they are looking for.”
Herring is excited to be starting the project either this Saturday or the next.
“It’s a good feeling to give something back to the community,” said Herring.


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