Bostock: Piercing Problems |

Bostock: Piercing Problems

To the editor:

As the years go on, body piercing has become the new style, the new "in." Our spouses and children have facial piercings such as nose, lips, eyebrows and ears. Both men and women.

It is a trend that is and will continue to become more popular.

Since when did these piercings hinder our hands, ability to work, ethics and/or the safety of ourselves or others?

A member of our community with such piercings walked into one of our local construction companies for employment and was told, "Not with those ears."

People of our community should be given the chance to prove their work skills. They should not be denied work because they don't look the way others think they should.

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We have many community members without jobs and who are struggling to support their families due to the economy.

Many are being denied jobs for the way they look.

We, as a community, need to stand up and not allow denial of jobs for the way people look.

This is discrimination, no matter how you try to justify it. Allow our fellow community members the chance to provide for their families.

We are hard-working individuals and would be assets to your companies, but you will never find that out without allowing us the chance.

Thank you.

A voice for the different.

Terri Bostock