Booze making operation gets busted in Moffat County Jail |

Booze making operation gets busted in Moffat County Jail

Tyler Baskfield

Happy hour has been shut down for an inmate with his own micro-brew in Moffat County Jail.

On Sept. 24 Moffat County Jail trustee Jason Kemp was caught intoxicated by jail staff.

A jug was found by deputy Dusty Schulze in the refrigerator of the jail kitchen that contained almost 80 ounces of liquid. The liquid smelled like alcohol.

Deputy Todd Reece noticed Kemp was acting in an unusual manner. According to Sheriff Buddy Grinstead, Kemp was excited, spoke loudly and continually talked. Kemp made a statement about the imitation rum in the kitchen.

Reece searched the kitchen and found a yellow plastic cup on a top shelf in the kitchen that contained liquid that smelled like alcohol. The jug in the refrigerator was found soon after. The liquid is being tested for alcohol content.

Later in the night Kemp became violent and was transported to the hospital to have head injuries examined, sustained from hitting his head against the bars of the holding cell.

Kemp will be charged with a Class 4 felony, introduction of contraband in the first degree. Kemp was serving 18 months in Moffat County Jail for probation violation and was to be transported to the Colorado Department of Corrections to serve three years for criminal menacing. Kemp has been in Moffat County Jail since April 1. According to Grinstead, up until the incident Kemp had been well-behaved.

“He was a stand-up trustee,” said Grinstead. “He worked hard and did all of the cooking for the rest of the inmates.”

Sgt. Dean Herndon, jail supervisor, believes Kemp was able to make the concoction using yeast that had been sent in a box along with other cooking supplies but was not marked on the invoice.

“In the future everyone will know to start checking boxes along with the invoice so something like this doesn’t happen again,” said Herndon.