Bobbi Peed: Animal carcass concern |

Bobbi Peed: Animal carcass concern

To the editor

I read the article about the dumping of animal carcasses on CR 7, not once but several times to be sure I was understanding the content.

If this were being done in your front yard, I’m pretty sure something would be done about it. While we live on the west end of Co. Rd. 31, it’s only a little way to the dumping gully. We drive that road daily and see the dead bodies all the time and it’s not a pleasant sight. I know we live in the country so it’s ok. Right? Of course it’s worse during the hunting season, but it happens year round. We have a county land fill that could and should be used for this disposal, especially by a government agency. And you aren’t picking up all the dead animals along the roads, because right now there are at least six carcasses on CR 7. I understand, I’ve lived in Colorado all my life, so seeing dead animals is not shocking and I certainly don’t expect them to be hauled away. My problem is the attitude of the article.

Now as the other thing, there is a reason why there is no junk in the gully, every year the Upper Big Gulch Better Community Club does the clean up on Co. Rd. 7, usually from the junction of 7/31/3, to the bypass, this year we made it to the top of the hill above Buffams.

Two years ago, my husband hauled 16 tires from that very gully, along with a lot of other trash.

Maybe if CPW and BLM were to set an example, some of the dumping would stop.

Just think about it.

Bobbi Peed


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