Bob Rankin: I will serve proudly |

Bob Rankin: I will serve proudly

To the editor:

My name is Bob Rankin. I'm a Carbondale resident and I'm running for your seat in the Colorado State House District 57 representing Garfield, Rio Blanco, and Moffat counties.

With their vast space and abundant resources, our counties are unique and politically challenging. I will be proud to serve and be accountable to you, their citizens.

I can contribute uniquely to the state legislature. My life experience includes being an electrical engineer, army officer, systems engineer, project manager, a vice president at Ford Motor Company's aerospace subsidiary and a Division President at Computer Sciences Corporation.

In the last few years, I've been a small business entrepreneur, owner and operator in the Roaring Fork Valley. I've hired employees, and I've had to lay off friends when times were bad.

Education in Colorado is in crisis. I'll support a new school finance model that insures equal education opportunity for our rural students and continued revision of our accountability standards for schools.

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I'll support our dedicated teachers and administrators by helping free them from burdensome mandates and reporting. I'm convinced that our talented teachers will embrace appropriate reform if given the opportunity.

Public lands make up a majority our land space. Organizations like our Thompson Divide Coalition are unifying public opinion and affecting federal decisions that control the use of public lands.

I support these efforts but I want the State of Colorado to take a more active role by analyzing the impacts of federal decisions and supporting citizens groups.

Water is critical to the support of our agricultural and recreation heritage on the western slope of Colorado. Eastern slope interests believe that we still have excess water in the west that should be used to fuel urban growth on the Front Range.

We have to make a different case.

I believe that energy independence for our country is possible. I look forward to being a part of the effort to protect our environment as we produce coal and natural gas until renewable sources develop. I will support new energy research and actively help our regulatory structure evolve.

I will support baseline measurements of air and water quality so that we can objectively assess future impacts.

I am not supported by any single interest but I am supported and endorsed by all of the business associations, the majority of the medical and health care industry, the recreation industry and the energy industry.

I'm Bob Rankin, I'm your neighbor in Carbondale, and I thank you for your support and your vote.

Bob Rankin