Bob Grubb: Stop the ‘tantrums’ |

Bob Grubb: Stop the ‘tantrums’

To the editor:

Let the race begin.

King Arthur in the lead. Every hair in place, not a pound of fat on his lean erect frame. Buzz Lightyear in the flesh. A master of commerce, but will Wall Street deliver us from itself? It could if it would. A sign of repentance (Luke 13:3).

Nipping at his heels, the terrier also known as the terror. Small but mighty, old but healthy, steady as a bulldog, planted like a flagpole. The rest of the runners are scared of him but he has his cheering section.

Running third is the sensible one also known as the moderate one. The only one with international and state experience.

Dare we hope that every 50 years or so we Republicans might elect a president that actually knows something? Even so, come: Ike Eisenhauer. Newsflash — Huntsman drops out. Apparently not.

Running fourth is the historian, also known as the wise elder statesman. Wise within his years but with a certain erratic behavior of dubious moral quality, but it’s all on the table and we know he’s a stinker. The Republican establishment hates him. He knows where all their skeletons are buried, and his own. Can he be trusted to put the nation first? In this pack of seven, he needs to be considered.

Enough already.

The remainder of this pack shines in its lack.

The moral one belittles the recent dead at a meeting. Mark Hatfield died recently — he was a Tebow of his generation in the U.S. Senate. Don’t speak badly of your brethren (Hebrews 13:1). The forgetful one needs to be forgotten as well as the already forgotten one. The pack of seven already down to two.

Sadly, both Republicans and Democrats are painting each other absolute black, leaving no place for wisdom, which truly is next to Godliness (Proverbs 8:1-31). Neither government nor capitalism is the problem.

It’s the heart of mankind that is the problem: self centered and arrogant. But, the true light has come and is available. Those who have given their allegiance to Him are changed and being changed.

A seed of light has been planted, giving us a start into a new life family with a new heart (Gospel of John 1:9-13, condensed paraphrase). Let’s live in that new life and stop the tempter tantrums of the old.

Bob Grubb

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