Bob Grubb: ‘Local loss for many’ |

Bob Grubb: ‘Local loss for many’

To the editor:

I wish to respond to Pastor Dale Potter's "Did You Know" columns in Friday's Oct. 14 and 21 papers about alcoholism.

The first column uses the Gospel of John 2:1-10 to show that Jesus would never create actual alcoholic wine and therefore implies one should not drink alcoholic beverages at anytime, anywhere or in any amount.

While I consider Pastor Potter my friend and one of my local mentors, he is not up to par in his use of John 2.

While his article states "Jesus made 'good' wine," it was not Jesus who called the wine good, but rather the wedding feast had already drunk freely, implying they were already a bit tipsy. They would not have been satisfied with good grape juice.

Jesus provides alcoholic wine of a much better quality than the first served poorer quality alcoholic wine. The steward was surprised to get good quality after he had been forced to serve poor quality alcohol at the start.

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Finally, this was not a simple magic trick, but rather the first highly significant sign by Jesus. The good wine pictures the new agreement offered to mankind on the basis of Jesus suffering and death on the cross and certified three days later by his resurrection and ascension to the Father.

The poor wine pictures the former agreement based upon total obedience to the law given by God through Moses to the Jews. This is backed up in John 1:15-18, where John the Baptist and Moses (the law) is contrasted with Jesus the Christ (grace and truth).

This passage in John 2 is too wonderful to use simply to combat drunkenness. Dear reader, we all need to drink of the life giving wine provided through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please drink it into your heart.

The remainder of Pastor Potter's two columns refers to Proverbs, which warn against the misuse of alcohol, how dangerous it is and its tendency toward immorality.

As a contributor to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, I am not in favor of drinking and driving. As a former hunter who was shot at, I am not in favor or drinking and hunting.

Hunter safety trumps local profit just as in drunk driving. Local profit for a few means local loss for many others as Alcoholics Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery demonstrate.

Bob Grubb

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