Bob Grubb: Election leading America astray |

Bob Grubb: Election leading America astray

To the editor:

Well, it’s near the end of the mud-slinging season.

We have heard half lies, full lies and damn lies, and barely any items of full truth.

Republicans and Democrats are both at it! Perot, where are you when we need you? Someone, please cut through the crap!

They have us wage slaves (hear me Peabody) and retirees (hear me AARP).

What really bothers me is that some of my friends who have entrusted their present and future lives to the Lord Jesus Christ have turned aside to trusting in horse and chariots. At least conversations with them and letters to the editor imply as much.

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Jehovah dwelt in the temple at Jerusalem, and his glory filled the place. The Apostle James states that Jesus was and is that glory.

Stephen got himself stoned implying that fact. His preaching, recorded in Acts, probably started the conversion of Saul now known as Paul, Near Damascus, Syria he met the glory and was blinded.

How can we, filled with the Spirit of Christ, turn back to idols?

King Romney and Prince Obama, if left to the wishes of their handles will both lead us into the ditch. King Romney cares about the 53 percent most successful and Obama about the 43 percent least successful.

King Romney and his 1-percent aristocrats will lead us into economic destruction. Every recession and depression can be traced back to the greed of the leaders of finance and industry.

Prince Obama with compassion will lead us further into the “Nanny State”, correcting the climate change and promoting population control. He will be a slow recovery or slow decline.

The TV commercial by one of our greatest Americans, General Collen Powell, has decided my vote, but I do not vote early this year.

Where are the statesmen, these hard headed, warm hearted moral patriots and wise to boot? The Perot’s, the Simpson and Bohles’s , the Concord coalition etc. are waiting in the wings of the coliseum to bind up our wounds if the bloodied victor of this stupid battle wants their help.

If not, little wage slave and retirees, pay off your personal debts and hunker down. You ain’t seen nuttin’ yet!!

Bob Grubb