Bob Grubb: Creation question |

Bob Grubb: Creation question

To the editor:

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Also, does the nature of the egg exactly correspond to the nature of the chicken?

I enjoy reading the “Did you know” articles in your newspaper written by my friend Dale Potter. However, his recent articles — and especially the one in your Oct. 4 paper — require a response. Especially since he implies there are no adequate alternate biblical conclusions other than the six-day, 24-hour 6,000-year-old Earth age creation idea (what a mouthful).

I beg to differ, as our constitutional forefathers would say. Dale seeks to make the chicken (Gen 20.9, 11) dominate and define the egg (Gen 1.3-5). I much prefer the opposite, let the egg explain the chicken. In doing so, Dale denies an ancient fundamentalist principle called the Law of First Mention. Briefly stated, when trying to determine the meaning of a word, you start where it is first mentioned and study it in its immediate context. Thus, I ask Dale and you, dear editor, what is the meaning of “Day” in Gen 1.3-5 (clue: it is not 24 hours). The meaning of night also cannot be 12 hours of darkness since the sun is not yet functionally mentioned till later in the fourth day. These and many other reasons are why I am no longer convinced of the above mentioned creation idea.

I am not alone. Among the ancients who rejected this interpretation was St. Augustine, of Hippo, North Africa, (354-430) whose influential writings also provided the backbone for Martin Luther’s reformation teaching of salvation through faith by grace of alone. Among the recents was C.S. Lewis, one of the 20th century’s greatest defenders of the faith. Also, among the presents is John H. Walton, Old Testament professor at Wheaton College in Illinois whose book, “Lost World of Genesis,” is an Earth shaker. The little group calling themselves “The Reason for God group,” which meets at McDonald’s on Sundays from 4 to 6 p.m. is discussing it and would welcome you. Any awake Christian or sleeping atheist should read it.

Bob Grubb


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