Bob Grubb: A slippery slope |

Bob Grubb: A slippery slope

To the editor:

Liquor and Drugs; Big money is being made in Moffat and Routt Counties. Lets keep keeping on. Why not add a third: “Gambling is Good” or so seemingly say. Plenty of money is being made and jobs galore.

Why not add the famous fourth – SEX!! I hear that some of the high rollers travel to Vietnam just for such fun. Surely our highly praised American Western Slope girls can out do those Vietnamese? Or maybe our present promoters could invest in all four?

Hurrah for jobs, Profits and Tax write offs! Poor Indians, We white men always did find a way to use them to our advantage.

On a serious note, for those who are concerned about the crazy slippery slope on which our country is engaged, the Iron Men Group (so named because of meeting at 6 to 7:30 a.m., Friday mornings) will be discussing the book “A Free Peoples Suicide Sustainable Freedom and the American Future” Os Guinness, The author, us a christian philosopher and historian, a British observer of the American scene.

The Iron Men meet at The Journey 1150 W 9th St. Craig

Tea Party and Socialists are both welcome to the discussion which starts Friday, Sept. 7.

Bob Grubb


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