Bob Frey: Letter to the editor tells truth for Satan? |

Bob Frey: Letter to the editor tells truth for Satan?

To the editor:

This is a follow-up comment concerning the letter to the editor from Tim Makinson of New Zealand.

Makinson’s observations concerning the dates reported in the article about the trilobites going extinct 5 million to 6 million years ago should have been 500 million to 600 million years ago. They were not printed correctly, but the idea was there.

There are preserved trilobites in formaldehyde at the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum in Crosbyton, Texas, if he wants to see one. There are other trilobites found alive in the Gulf of Mexico that I showed pictures of during my presentation. The main point is, trilobites are not extinct yet.

Whether it’s 5 million, 250 million or 600 million years ago is irrelevant. These and many other “momentous discoveries” have been reported and are well-documented, as presented in my seminars.

As for his other claims, there are as many theories of evolution as there are people who believe in it, which is one of the many points in my presentation.

If I am lying for Jesus, does that mean Makinson is telling the truth for Satan?

My five presentations were advertised publicly and were free to the public to attend.

I came to the Craig community not to tell you, but to show you that the claims people such as Makinson make are false, based on lies, fraud and circular reasoning.

He chose not to attend and remains willingly ignorant of the facts presented and the science concerning the topics I present.

My slides and information were footnoted to the original science and studies from which the information came.

Michelle Perry did an excellent article on the presentation she attended, even though some of the numbers weren’t printed with enough zeroes, which could have been a typographical error.

There are organizations ever looking at the online news reports, such as this one, to throw false claims, doubt and reversals of facts on communities when they themselves are willingly ignorant concerning the science and events they are commenting upon.

Are there consequences for lying? Our families, communities, country and government are reaping the consequences for teaching the false worldview of evolution as science.

There are only two choices for your worldview –omebody made the world, or the world made itself.

I am showing the public the real facts of science and social effect of believing in a false science and worldview that our country is embracing.

As I showed in my presentation, if anyone has any proof at all of evolution, let’s see it. My friend has $250,000 for it and many other similar awards for it.

Makinson says my data is false, which is easy to say from New Zealand and lie to the citizens of Craig about what I said.

Tim wants you to believe that Perry is gullible and that he can set you straight. Makinson is a liar, and I have the scientific evidence that shows it.

Are we to believe that Makinson is credible because he is from New Zealand instead of Minnesota? My observations from visiting your town, several times for the past decade, is that you’re a lot smarter than that.

Bob Frey

Norwood, Minn.

Editor’s note: Earlier this month, Bob Frey gave presentations at the Yampa Valley Baptist Church, refuting evolution and urging Craig residents to have the teaching of evolution in public schools stopped.

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