BLM catches up on grazing permits |

BLM catches up on grazing permits

Tyler Baskfield

Area ranchers can be confident they will be able to continue grazing livestock on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands in Moffat County throughout the new year.

Earlier this year the BLM was the focus of concern for area ranchers. The BLM was behind schedule for issuing grazing permits. The permits, which have to be issued by Oct. 1, allow ranchers access to grazing land for their livestock. The BLM Craig office has to issue 46 grazing permits by the end of the month.

The permits, issued to each rancher who wants to use BLM land for grazing livestock, were so far behind that the Moffat County Board of Commissioners was concerned about agency’s ability to get the permits completed in time.

The process is better now, according to John Husband, field manager for the BLM Craig office. The office has whittled down the 46 permits to just a few.

“Out of this office we have but just a few to get out the door,” said Husband. “We should take care of all of the permits by the end of the fiscal year (Oct. 1, 1999) we think.”

The staff was responsible for the turnaround in the permit status, according to Husband.

“The staff has really bared down and we have been concentrating on those to get them out the door in time,” said Husband.

All of the BLM offices in Colorado have made the same effort and have been just as successful at catching up with their permit issuing.

“Colorado’s permit situation looks good right now,” said Husband. “I’m not sure about other states, but all of our offices in Colorado have made the effort to catch up so there aren’t any problems in the upcoming year.”


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