Blevins: Call for boycott is unsettling |

Blevins: Call for boycott is unsettling

To the editor:

The Ministry of Truth and the boycott of the Dixie Chicks are both brought to mind by Kathryn Lopez’s editorial in the Dec. 29 edition of the Craig Daily Press (also in National Review).

In the novel, “1984,” the Ministry of Truth was responsible for controlling all that you saw and heard in order to make you believe the “Truth.” Ms. Lopez seems to want to control your entertainment so that you will believe her version of “Truth.”

Undoubtedly, beautiful music was lost to the world when the country music community boycotted the Dixie Chicks because of their opposition to our wars.

While Ms. Lopez did not explicitly call for a boycott, she strongly implied that some of Ms. Hough’s work should not have been produced. Given the effectiveness of the previous boycott, it is reasonable to be very concerned. The world will never know what was not created because of the boycott of the Dixie Chicks.

Freedom of speech is critical to a democracy. Ms. Lopez should be able to explain her social engineering concepts to her heart’s content. Any suggestion by her that entertainment should be controlled for social engineering purposes should be ignored.

Jim Blevins