Blast from the past: Moffat County’s Wyman Museum to take center stage on History Channel’s ‘American Pickers’ |

Blast from the past: Moffat County’s Wyman Museum to take center stage on History Channel’s ‘American Pickers’

A cornucopia of unique vintage items are on display at Wyman Living History Museum. The museum and founder Lou Wyman will be featured in the History Channel show "American Pickers," airing April 23.
Andy Bockelman

A television program known for showcasing the unique and perplexing elements of the past will shine the spotlight on Moffat County.

History Channel reality show “American Pickers” is scheduled to air an episode focused on Northwest Colorado’s Wyman Living History Museum at 7 p.m. Mountain Time April 23.

The show, which features hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz purchasing valuable and unusual antiques from across the nation, will include the museum in a segment titled “One of Everything.”

“The name is pretty fitting for Lou, since he really does have one of everything. Of course, every time I think we have one of everything, something else walks through the door,” said museum office manager Nicky Boulger, referring to founder Lou Wyman, who opened the museum in 2006 as a display of decades worth of collected goods.

The museum, just east of Craig city limits, contains a hodgepodge of Americana, ranging from a retired tank to taxidermy mounts to a wall of license plates and everything else in between on its main floor.

The property that also includes an archery pitch, fishing pond and blacksmith shop was visited by the “American Pickers” filming crew last July, which did not go unnoticed by passersby on Highway 40.

“Everyone knows what that van looks like, and we had a girl who drove by, chased it down and wanted to get pictures with it, but we couldn’t let her because they were filming,” Boulger said. “She must have circled here 20 times.”

Even so, the production crew members and stars were “very cordial,” she added.

“There was a couple of people who came in while they were filming, and Mike was very nice and took pictures with them, gave autographs,” she said. “They spent 12 hours here. I think poor Lou was wiped out.”

Wyman and fellow Moffat County mainstay Al Shepherd will both be featured in the episode, but Boulger noted the museum staff has had to remain “hush-hush” for more than nine months about the full details of the episode, namely the antique items that it will highlight.

After weeks of waiting for the episode’s premiere, Boulger said she received official confirmation this week of the airdate.

“Stay tuned,” she said with a smile.

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