Bill Muldoon: ‘Perfectionist’ a two-edged sword |

Bill Muldoon: ‘Perfectionist’ a two-edged sword

Bill Muldoon

Friday’s newspaper brought the welcome news that the Northwest Dental Coalition has hired a new dentist. Words used to describe the new hire were qualified, perfectionist and personable.

Two of the three are very worthwhile traits.

Perfectionist, however, at best can be a two-edged sword. At worst, the perfectionist believes perfection can and should be attained, and anything less is unacceptable. In the workplace, perfectionist employees often lead to rocky relationships with peers and patients.

The tone of the article implies that the new dentist should be a real asset to the community and fill a pressing need.

The suggestions that she works well with people, indicate that while she may receive pleasure from a job well done, she probably is not a perfectionist. Let’s hope not.

Bill Muldoon