Bill Harding: Reflect on real reason for Christmas holiday |

Bill Harding: Reflect on real reason for Christmas holiday

— I wish to thank those who brought in books, magazines and writing supplies before Christmas so they could be distributed to veterans. I wasn’t able to get them to troops overseas but the veterans at the Rifle Veterans Nursing Home and those at the VA Medical Hospital in Grand Junction were excited to receive reading and writing materials. Thanks again.

New Year’s

As 2008 arrives, we all need to reflect on the real reason for this Christmas holiday. That was the birth of the Christ child who was to bring “Peace On Earth” for all nations. It was the pettiness of those who enjoyed the benefits of the positions of state and the church, at that time, which ended his service to others with a politically determined death.

A vocal minority traded his life for those sentenced to death for crimes against society, while the silent majority watched in disbelief. Most were still upset that the promised Messiah did not deliver them from the Roman occupiers or oppressive local leaders.

Things are still pretty much the same, almost 2,000 years later. Soldiers are standing in the streets trying to protect normal daily activities, determined zealots will do whatever their twisted minds perceive to cause fear and destroy fragile relationships that allow members of various faiths and national backgrounds to live together and pursue normal daily lives. The rest of the world pursues their activities with little concern unless one of their loved ones is directly involved.

During 2008, let us put aside political differences, put “America first,” to solve our internal social ills and deficiencies.

Just think what all the money spent on political advertising could do for soup kitchens, shelters for the homeless, education, our failing highway/bridges and power delivery systems (just ask the thousands affected by the Midwest ice storms, and if those old power poles were underground) or could be used to fight hunger, illness and poverty around the world.

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When we become a single humanitarian force on this planet, then we will be able to beat swords into plowshares and “lions” (powerful nations) will be able to lie next to the “lambs” (weak ones).

Technology could be used for the betterment of all, not just be a weapon delivery system.

Think about it, and then do what you can to see this way of life begins.

Well that’s enough ranting/raving for this week. We’ll get back to normal veterans issues next week.

And with that thought : if you know a World War II vet, stop by and say “hi” and then spend some time with them while they are still with us.

We are losing these heroes due to the passage of time, at a national rate of 1,500 to 2,000 per day.

Their individual stories and personal sacrifices for our current way of life are being lost forever.