Big O Tires doing well in 1st month of business |

Big O Tires doing well in 1st month of business

Darian Warden

Since taking over a little under a month ago, Travis Wondra, owner of Big O Tires, said business has been very good and is happy with his location in Craig.

"We've had steady business and lots of positive things happening,” Wondra said. “We're at the customer service level we need to be giving and working very hard. But it's very rewarding."

Wondra said he's hired eight to ten guys to complete a top-notch crew.

Big O Tires offers a little bit of almost everything Wondra said, including tires, alignments, often a free alignment check with purchase of tires, grease, flushes, full service brake jobs and front end jobs.

Although Wondra said it's not a full-on automotive shop concerning mechanic jobs, he said most of people's vehicle needs can be met.

Wondra said business is picking up a little, as winter draws nearer, but said everybody seems to wait until the bitter end when the snow hits to get snow tires put on.

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No longer working based on appointments, Wondra said the business operates on a first-come first-serve basis and can uaually install snow tires same day a customer brings their car in.

Wondra encouraged customers to stop by the business and have their snow tires put on before the snow hits, saving time and providing extra safety for Moffat County residents, who Wondra said are his favorite part about owning the business.

"I like the people in the town. They're very friendly," Wondra said. "In a smaller town you just get a better feel for the people. It's easier to develop a relationship in a town of 10,000 versus 80,000."

Wondra added the best part about the business could sometimes be the worst in terms of how many people he can reach.

"There's not as many people here, but a lot of competition," Wondra said. "There are a lot of good guys in town. It's hard to be a big player in a smaller market, especially with a lot of competition from Denver, Steamboat and Grand Junction."

Wondra said his location at the Centennial Mall, 1111 West Victory Way in Craig, is working out well and people are beginning to know where they're located.

"People should know that we want their business, and that we're going to be here to service them every year," Wondra said. "Regardless of what happens, we'll do what we can to be very competitive. We’re never going to stop working for better."

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