Big bang or big bunk? Speaker comes to dispute science |

Big bang or big bunk? Speaker comes to dispute science

Brandon Johnson

The Rev. Dale Potter said he doesn’t believe in evolution. He attributes everything in this world, including its beginning, to God.

“There is as much sense as believing in evolution as believing that an explosion in a junkyard makes a Cadillac,” he said.

Potter is referring to the big-bang theory, which asserts that the universe began with the explosion of an atom and has been expanding ever since.

Potter is a proponent of creationism, or a literal interpretation of the Bible and the story of how God created the earth.

So he and members of Yampa Valley Baptist Church have invited Bob Frey of Minnesota to give a series of presentations debunking evolution’s plausibility and describing the negative effects teaching evolution has had on our society.

“He shows the crime increase and lack of morality is the very product of evolution in the schools,” Potter said of Frey.

Evolution is the biological study of how organisms pass on traits from generation to generation, leading to novel traits and new species.

Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection, which states nature rewards only the individuals able to adapt and survive, seeks to explain evolution. Potter said teaching evolution leads to crime because stronger students will fight for what they need or want.

“If there isn’t a God then there are no morals,” Potter said. “If there are no morals, then I can come and take what you have because I don’t believe you deserve it. Plus, I’m tougher than you are. So it’s survival of the fittest.”

Frey will visit Craig at a time when, at least nationally, scientists and church officials are battling over the role of science and theology in public education.

Frey, a graduate of the University of Minnesota, has lectured about evolution to various groups for 24 years. Some of his work will soon be translated for residents of India.

He will give a series of progressive lectures at the church, 3900 E. Victory Way, beginning at 9:45 a.m., again after a potluck lunch that begins at noon and also at 6 p.m. Sunday. He also will give lectures at 7 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Potter also has planned a “bond burning” for after lunch Sunday.

“We’ve paid all the bills to the church so we’re going to burn them up,” he said.

Potter said he’s excited for Frey to visit Craig because of his own interest in the subject of evolution.

“I took science in college and they tried to jam it down my throat,” he said.

He was a teacher in Michigan for five years, four of which he spent teaching all subjects to seventh- and eighth-grade students. He also taught evolution to the youths.

“I also told them they had no answers for where man came from and where man is going,” Potter said.

He said he hopes the presentations will make people open to believing in God and his powers. The lectures are free and open to the community.

“I hope they become convinced that not only is there a God, but we need a relationship with him,” he said. “There has to be design so there has to be a designer. There has to be someone who made the Cadillac.”

For information about the presentations, call Potter at 824-5424.

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