Beware of deadly dog in Craig |

Beware of deadly dog in Craig

To the Editor

To the Editor,
People of Shadow Mountain should watch their children and pets. Sunday evening, Oct. 17, two very large dogs were loose. One looked like a rottweiler, the other a brindle colored boxer. These two dogs have a taste for blood.
Because of these dogs, we lost a very dear friend and pet that night. They viciously attacked and killed our 8 1/2-year-old pekinese that was in our yard.
There were a lot of tears that night especially from our 12-year-old daughter. Now she wants another one and we can’t afford one. Our pekinese was a beloved part of our family.
An apology from the owners of these two dogs would be nice, but not expected.
We were just thankful that our children were not outside at the time and it is our hope that the owners or neighbors do not have small children or small pets. They might be next.
Our beloved little dog won’t be forgotten, but then neither will the dogs that snapped her neck and left her dead.
Barb Knorr,


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