Best of Moffat County: Kim Cox, Cornerstone Realty at home as award winners |

Best of Moffat County: Kim Cox, Cornerstone Realty at home as award winners

Kim Cox shows off her homey décor in her office at Cornerstone Realty. Cox, a realtor with about 20 total years of experience was named Best Real Estate Agent in the 2017 Best of Moffat County. Cornerstone was also named Best Real Estate Agency.
Andy Bockelman

With 20 years of experience in the field, Kim Cox knows a good home when she sees one.

Cox was voted Best Real Estate Agent for her work with Cornerstone Realty, which in turn was selected Best Real Estate Agency for the sixth consecutive year.

This is the fifth time Cox has received the honor, also picking up the distinction in 2011, 2012, 2014, and 2016.

Even so, it’s something she appreciates greatly each year.

Cox gained her real estate license in 1997 after several years as an office manager at American Northwest Realty. She has been with Cornerstone for about 10 years, a fraction of the 50-plus years she has lived in her hometown of Craig.

“It just makes you feel good when you close on a house and people are so excited for their first home, or even if it’s their second or third,” she said. “It’s just nice when you have happy buyers and sellers.”

The past 18 months in particular have been a positive stretch for the market in Craig, she added.

“Sellers are selling, buyers don’t have quite as much to choose from as they did a few years ago, but we still have a good inventory,” she said. “Craig’s in a good place right now.”

Part of what she provides is a personal touch that can get lost with the digital age. While many online options exist, walking clients through a property remains a crucial step.

“I want people to feel comfortable with what they’re buying and what will work best for their family,” she said. “Typically, a buyer, when it’s the one, they’re going to know right when they walk in the door.”

A key component is not providing too much pressure for a potential buyer and to involve friends and family in the process, Cox said.

“Everybody sees something different,” she said. “It’s good to have more eyes and imagine it with your stuff and see if it feels like home.”

Working at a location like Cornerstone provides her with the tools she needs to meet the needs of others.

“All of us really put our customer first, we really want them to be happy,” she said. “I think we take pride in being ethical, and the other nice thing is we work so well as a team.”

Broker and co-owner Sari Cobb said Cox’s longtime presence in Craig makes her invaluable to the business.

“She’s a super communicator, and she’s been here all her life, so both of those things make her a tremendous asset,” Cobb said.

As to the agency as a whole, Cobb said it comes down to focusing on the people involved that helped garner another Best of Moffat County award.

“I would hope that each and every client felt like we put them first and they were the most important transaction for us,” she said.