Best of Moffat County: EMT Rachel Nicodemus saves lives, lifts hearts with kindness, humor |

Best of Moffat County: EMT Rachel Nicodemus saves lives, lifts hearts with kindness, humor

Lauren Blair
An EMT in Moffat County, Rachel Nicodemus combines a passion for medicine with a knack for making people smile when they need it most.
Lauren Blair

It’s not necessarily your best day when you become a client of an Emergency Medical Technician, but one local EMT has made an impression on Craig and Moffat County residents with her ability to bring light to some people’s darkest and scariest moments.

Rachel Nicodemus, born and raised in Craig, found her calling as an EMT 16 years ago after training at Colorado Northwestern Community College. For her, the opportunity to make someone’s day better by easing their pain or worry makes it all worthwhile.

“I always try to make them smile. I figure if I can make them smile, I’m doing a good job,” Nicodemus said. “I always try to see some good in what’s going on, or say something silly.”

Nicodemus loves her job, from the fast-paced decision-making, to the doctors, nurses and fellow EMTs she works with, to the people she gets to help in a moment of need.

“I’ve always had an interest in medicine,” she said. “I’ve definitely found something I like doing.”

The job is not without its challenges though, top of which is dealing with grieving family and friends when they’ve lost a loved one.

“You have to have the personality to relate to people and you have to acknowledge the situation that the patient or family is going through,” Nicodemus said.

When she’s not on the job, Nicodemus said she likes to decompress by learning new crafts that keep her hands busy, like quilting, spinning yarn, crocheting, beadwork and most recently, making soap — but not knitting.

“It’s just too tedious,” she said.

Though the job is very physically demanding — from hauling heavy equipment around to lifting patients — Nicodemus hopes to continue saving lives and brightening people’s days for a long time.

“It has its moments where it’s definitely mentally and physically draining, but in the end, I love what I do,” she said. “And I’ll keep doing it as long as my body holds out.”


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