Best of Moffat County 2018: Trapper Fitness maxes out with local readers |

Best of Moffat County 2018: Trapper Fitness maxes out with local readers

Trapper Fitness Club co-owner and personal trainer Ashleigh Seely, left, poses with personal trainers Will Montgomery and Bryant Cox at the club.
Jim Patterson/staff
Trapper Fitness ClubDescription: 24-hour-access fitness facility offering free weights, pilates, yoga, cycling and personal trainingOwners: Ashleigh and Dan SeelyHours of operation: Staffed hours — 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday; members granted 24-hour accessAddress: 261 Commerce StTelephone: 970-824-6932Website:

Trapper Fitness Club has been a mainstay for Moffat County’s health enthusiasts for nearly three decades, and though owners Ashleigh and Dan Seely haven’t been around that entire time, they have worked to make the most of the four years since they purchased the business from former owners Jim and Barb Gregoire.

“We only took over in 2014, but the club’s been here for about 30 years,” Ashleigh Seely said.

And looking around the place, it’s easy to see why Trapper Fitness was named this year’s Favorite Fitness Club in the annual Best of Moffat County Awards.

In addition to a spacious workout area filled with the most up-to-date free weight and machine equipment, the club also offers an aerobics room, cardio room, cross-training alley, rowers and bikes and areas to work on abs, core and stretching.

Personal training sessions are also available with the club’s trainers, Ashleigh Seely, Will Montgomery and Bryant Cox, and Pilates and cycling fitness sessions are offered by instructor Yvonne Crum.

Fitness boot camps and yoga are also available at the facility.

Ashleigh Seely said the club currently has about 520 active members, adding that the club has garnered Best of Moffat County awards every years since she and her husband took over.

She said she believes the secret of the club’s continued success is rooted in the “old school gym” feeling, coupled with an attentive staff and numerous class offerings.

“A lot of people like the old school gym feeling,” she said. “Also, we’ve added lots of new classes, plus, our staff is very personable and friendly.”

In addition to the recognition by Moffat County readers, Ashleigh Seely said there is a great deal of satisfaction that comes in serving the community.

“It’s been kind of humbling to be a gym owner,” she said. “It’s a great honor to serve the community and give back a little to the health and wellness of the town.”


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