Best of Moffat County 2018: J.W. Snack’s Gulf Coast Bar & Grill — where every day is a vacation |

Best of Moffat County 2018: J.W. Snack’s Gulf Coast Bar & Grill — where every day is a vacation

Danny and Teri Griffith, owners of JW Snack’s Gulf Coast Bar & Grill.
Danny Griffith/courtesy
JW Snack’s Gulf Coast Bar & Grill Description: Resturant and bar serving lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks. Good for groups and for kids. Take out, catering and outdoor seating are available. Hours of operation: 10 a.m. bar opens and closes late, kitchen opens at 11 a.m. until 10 p.m., daily Location: 210 E Victory Way, Craig Phone: 970-826-0468 Email: Facebook:

Northwest Colorado might be hundreds of miles from sea and sand, but this year’s winner for Best of Moffat County nightclub, place to watch the game, lunch spot, chicken wings, cocktails, steak, entertainment venue and bartender — Michelle Jones — strives to help patrons feel like they are enjoying a day at the beach.

“From the beginning, we tried to create an atmosphere that made people feel like they are on vacation, which is really useful during the winter months that, as everyone knows, lasts about 11 and a half months,” said J.W. Snack’s Gulf Coast Bar & Grill owner Danny Griffith.

Along with wife, Teri, Danny has operated the restaurant and bar — named after Danny’s grandfather, J.W. Snack — since December 2005, more than 12 years, and has racked up an impressive number of Best of Moffat County awards.

“We are pretty blown away at the results,” Danny said.

He attributes their success to their employees and loyal customers.

“Part of the reason for our success is that we don’t go through a lot of employees. We try to treat the employees the way we want to be treated. Therefore, we don’t have a high turnover,” he said adding that, “Teri and I would never be in the position we are if it were not for two things: our employees and our loyal, devoted customer base. I would like to thank both of them.”

While delighted, Danny was also surprised the restaurant was voted best sports bar.

“We never did try to market ourselves as a sports bar. We wanted to be able to show concerts on DVD, and in order to give that concert feeling indoors; that’s why we put in the 10-foot wide screen. It also became very beneficial when it came time to air a football game, therefore, we became the spot to watch the game,” he said.

Danny has a love for music he shares by offering a free summer concert series.

“It’s always a good success, because we don’t have a cover charge. We don’t up the drink prices,” he said.

He also supports music education through the Northwest Colorado Chapter of the Parrotheads — a group dedicated to supplying music to local schools in the form of scholarships and instruments and cleaning and maintaining the environment, especially waterways.

“JW Snacks is the headquarters for the Parrotheads Club. That has warmed my heart time and again, that they get together and raise money and give it away to the schools,” he said.

A new addition to the restaurant menu, enjoyed by the “phlock” and other guests, are hand-carved, charbroiled steaks, served seven days per week after 5 p.m.

“Sales are good and, apparently, so are the reviews,” he said of the meal that won Best Steak in Moffat County.

Pair one of their steaks with a Best of Moffat County cocktail, such as the raspberry lemonade made with fresh raspberries, a cherry limeade or one of the tropical drinks such as a hurricane or cyclone.

Danny said: “Hurricane’s and cyclones are normally known for their massive destruction. Not here. Here, they are known for massive enjoyment. We hope you’ll come down and join us.”

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