Bernie Rose: All economic facets must be considered |

Bernie Rose: All economic facets must be considered

To the editor:

This morning I read the article by Collin Smith on overlap of the Economic Development Partnership, the Craig Chamber of Commerce and Moffat County Tourism Association.

The three groups spoke of their place in the involvement of economics in Moffat County.

I have in the past worked with all three groups on projects that could and would work for the good of community economics.

Events that we have can be expanded by doing a better job of advertising them, such as the events that take place at the fairgrounds. Most events can be presented as events that present the culture and lifestyle of the area and may be of interest to people from outside the area.

I have seen presentations made to the EDP that if acted on could be long-term projects that would add to our over all economy.

Question: Why did the EDP hand out nearly $35,000 to people of the community for studies on locally based economic projects? Where did these projects go? One project could possibly provide several hundred prime paying jobs for the community. Another is a manufacturing business. This business would fit in with the gas and oil boom of today. A third project would link with the college and could have spin off business through the community.

Along with the previously mentioned projects is The Wild Horse Park project. This project can become a world class presentation that could make us a destination for people traveling and viewing sites in the west. All three groups know of this project.

Question: Why are we looking outside for help when we have good ideas presented here that have not been looked at and explored? Why are we again repeating ourselves? There were three good projects identified as being viable from the inside of our community, not trying still to wrangle businesses here. How about looking to our own back yard?

Another aspect to look at is where we live. What if we saw Craig as the hub or heart of Northwest Colorado? Northwest Colorado has by design the largest Elk herd in the world. In the future, nature may take that gift the government gave to us away. I.E.; winter of 1983-84 when nearly 85 percent of the game animals died from weather and starvation.

What we have that nature and government cannot take away is who we are and our history.

There are options we have for directing our future. The EDP, Chamber and MCTA must look at all facets of who and what we are.

Bernie Rose

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