Bennet, Glenn compete for spot on U.S. Senate |

Bennet, Glenn compete for spot on U.S. Senate

Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate Darryl Glenn, a 24-year U.S. Air Force veteran, who retired as a lieutenant colonel, is up against Democratic incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet in this November’s election.

Glenn is currently serving his second term on the El Paso Board of County Commissioners and previously served two terms on the Colorado Springs City Council.

“I’m an unapologetic Christian, constitutional conservative, pro-life, Second-Amendment-loving American,” Glenn said.

While campaigning across the state, Glenn said he has noticed a disconnect between the actions of politicians in Washington, D.C., and the desires of the constituents they represent, to which he believes Bennet has contributed.

“The facts speak louder than the words,” Glenn said. “Even with information that is out there right now, he still says he would still support the Iran nuclear deal and the Affordable Care Act — after receiving the feedback from his own constituents.”

Glenn criticized partisan politics in Washington and said it was due to a lack of leadership.

“I will work with anybody who will put the interests of this country first,” Glenn said.

If elected, Glenn said one of his top priorities is identifying national security threats and making sure the resources needed to address them are in place.

Another focus for Glenn is strengthening the economy through numerous types of reform, including a balanced budget amendment, term limits for members of Congress, tax reform and regulatory reform.

“Those things we must address immediately because we’re growing at one or two percent growth rate,” he said.

Glenn also said he supports energy independence and tapering off energy industry subsidies in order to allow market forces to dictate what happens, a major difference from his opponent.

“[Bennet] still supports the Clean Power Plan,” he said. “He will continue to side with that even if it’s having a devastating impact on jobs in the mining industry here.”

Bennet’s spokeswoman Alyssa Roberts said in a statement that Bennet has been involved in numerous efforts to protect Northwest Colorado’s economy, particularly in regards to energy.

“Bennet has visited northwest Colorado countless times and has worked with local leaders to keep the Colowyo and Trapper mines open, pass a Farm Bill that works for our farmers and ranchers, and level the playing field for [liquefied natural gas] fuel,” she said.

Roberts also said Bennet is engaged in a bipartisan effort to pass a bill that would help finance carbon-capture so coal plants can run cleaner and remain operational.

“Yet, Darryl Glenn has been clear that he won’t work across the aisle for Colorado, and Coloradans are rejecting that approach because the last thing we need is another partisan obstructionist in the U.S. Senate,” Roberts said.

According to an Oct. 3 report from the Monmouth University PollOct. 3 report from the Monmouth University Poll, Bennet holds an 18-point lead over Glenn., Bennet holds an 18-point lead over Glenn.

Oct. 3 report from the Monmouth University Poll, Bennet holds an 18-point lead over Glenn.

Glenn said “we don’t believe polls” and that his grassroots campaign and the interaction he is having with voters is difficult to gauge with polling.

“They really don’t know how to poll me because I’m a grassroots candidate where I’m actually out talking to people and motivating people,” he said. “When Bennet runs on his record and would show what he’s doing, it’s overwhelmingly rejected.”

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