Benjie Robinson: Support medical pot |

Benjie Robinson: Support medical pot

To the editor,

I am writing this letter to encourage the citizens of Craig and Moffat County to vote “yes” on ballot measure 1A. It will allow for the cultivation of cannabis within the boundaries of unincorporated Moffat County. Let me provide you with some information to help you make your decision for voting “yes” on this measure.

Legalization of medical marijuana has been a successful industry since Amendment 20 was voter approved in 2000. Since then this industry has developed reasonable and enforceable regulations. “Seed to sale” tracking systems have been in place, which allow agents of Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division to trace a business owners inventory back to its origin. This system ensures that plants and products are not diverted to the black market. This system is also in place for all marijuana grown for eventual sale to the recreational market as well.

The medical marijuana industry has been a valuable boost to Colorado’s economy and now that marijuana is available for recreational use, that boost to the economy has grown substantially. Along with the increased tax revenue come jobs. Jobs in security and transportation, sales, web design and many other offshoots of the industry. The legalization of marijuana has created nearly 10,000 jobs, according to state statistics.

Voting “yes” on 1A will not boost Moffat County’s economy in such a drastic manner, but if 1A passes, there are areas of our local economy that may benefit. Real estate and the construction field are two areas that could benefit immediately from the passage of 1A. As time passes, leaders in this industry will look at areas like Moffat County to bring their operations because of all that we have to offer.

We shouldn’t be making our decision on passing Measure 1A based on misinformation. Our decision to vote “yes” on 1A should be based on the fact that it has the potential to give the citizens of Moffat County business opportunities that have been proven to create jobs, tax revenue and strict regulations to a previously unregulated industry.

Cultivate prosperity in Moffat County. Vote “yes” on Measure 1A.

Benjie Robinson



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