Beauty Tip: Treating dry, cracked feet |

Beauty Tip: Treating dry, cracked feet

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

It happens to many men and women throughout the year, but perhaps wintertime makes dry and cracked feet more unbearable than ever.

There’s nothing worse than trying to walk in shoes or snow boots when your feet are on fire from nasty cracks. So what should you do once they reach that painful point?

One thing is to get regular pedicures to ensure that your feet are well-groomed and moisturized. Yet many people don’t like pedicures or can’t afford them, so here are some other options from

1) Soak your feet in hot water and honey.

2) Lather your feet in vegetable or coconut oil after you soak them in hot water for 10 minutes. After you apply the oil, put socks on to let the oil sink into your skin.

3) Apply petroleum jelly to your feet on a daily basis to prevent them from cracking.

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4) Moisturize your feet with essential oils or lotion after you shower or bathe.