Beauty Tip: Get your beauty rest |

Beauty Tip: Get your beauty rest

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

Getting enough sleep not only makes you feel good, it also helps you look good.

Have you ever had a restless night and woke up feeling tired with circles under your eyes?

This year, the National Sleep Foundation released new recommendations for the number of hours you should sleep each night:

• Teenagers ages 14 to 17: Sleep range widened by one hour to 8 to 10 hours (previously it was 8.5 to 9.5)

• Younger adults ages 18 to 25: Sleep range is 7 to 9 hours

• Adults ages 26 to 64: Sleep range did not change and remains 7 to 9 hours

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• Older adults ages 65 and over: Sleep range is 7 to 8 hours