Bears Ears Patriots: Thank you donors |

Bears Ears Patriots: Thank you donors

To the editor

Bears Ears Patriots would like to thank all the donors listed for their role in making the first annual Freedom Fun shoot a success:

KS Kreations,
 The Kitchen Shop,
 Bargain Barn,
 T & H Parts/Napa
Auto Parts of Craig, 
Severson Supply,
 MJK Sales & Feed/ACE,
 Village Inn,
 CJ Outdoor Services/CJ Outfitters — Chris Jurney
 Rocky Mountain Machinery,
 Bullets N Firearms LLC/Matt Winey,
 Amanda St. Martin,
 Cramer Flooring, Brothers Custom Processing, Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply,
 Northwest Pawn,
 Tri-State Supplies, 
Ice Cream Lady,
 Law Dawgs, Bears Ears Sportsman Club,

 Wyatt Sports
 Meeker, Auto Parts/NAPA, Wendyll’s Wondrous Things,
 White River Convenience
 Valley Hardware/ACE,
 Hiway Bar, 

 Snow Bowl.

Bears Ears Patriots


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