Be careful what you wish for |

Be careful what you wish for

Sure we would like the convenience of going to a “real mall” with “box stores” such as the Gap or Dillard’s but do we really want what comes with or what is required for that “convenience.”

As pointed out by Centennial Mall Director Vicki Hall, bringing those businesses here depends on the numbers.

She points out that a Hobby Lobby requires a building of at least 50,000 square feet and a population of 100,000 people in three square miles.

Whoa! — 100,000 people in three square miles — we’re not in Kansas anymore and we certainly aren’t in Moffat County.

Now Moffat County may be the second largest county in the state in you measured it end to end but population wise, Moffat County still ranks as a frontier. According to the Museum of Northwest Colorado, the area in which we live has only 2.56 persons per square mile. We still carry the classification of “frontier.”

Maybe we don’t have the fancy shopping malls of the larger metropolitan areas but by the same token, you don’t get in too many traffic jams that don’t stem from a cattle or sheep drive, you don’t have to park a quarter mile away from where you want to shop and you know the person who lives next door to you.

We believe it is that quality of life that keeps people here.

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