Baxter Black: One of the mysteries of life |

Baxter Black: One of the mysteries of life

Baxter Black/For the Craig Daily Press
Baxter Black

Why is it that we know couples that beg the question, “What does she see in him?” I’m not going to use names for the sake of privacy. I can’t actually say “to protect the innocent.” I’m just going to use the aliasi of Geraldo and Lucinda.

I was on the phone with one of my good friends, Geraldo Uno. He had thrown a team roping party and asked our mutual friend, Geraldo Dos to come and help. “He’s the best there is at what he does.”

“You bet,” I agreed. “He sure got lucky.” I was referring to Lucinda Dos, his second official wife. After what seemed years of relationships and children, child support and houses, she showed up in his life. Now he has a business, grandkids and the “Doses” are happy. “I never could figure out what she saw in him?”

Geraldo Uno said, “Well, look at you!” I had to agree. A failed marriage, two failed proposals, miles of alimony, a victim of mergers that cost my jobs, frivolous relationships, lack of discipline and no real concept of a happy home. Then out of the blue my own Lucinda stuck an arrow in my heart that has lasted for years.

I did point out that he, Geraldo Uno, had no room to talk; married once, alimony, child support payments, she kept his mother’s wedding ring, had job after job, fell in love with a lady that was fatally ill, then Lucinda Uno found him. They are a power couple today and inseparable.

“Why?” I asked, “did we get so lucky?”

In our circle of friends there seems to be a preponderance of flawed Geraldos, as I refer to them, “People you wouldn’t have in your home on a holiday.” Some of us have not found their Lucinda. When you look at our accomplishments you begin to understand why. Captured with a stun gun, been in a Mexican jail, officially detained for molesting a stamp machine in the John Wayne airport, owns a bank but can’t get a date, is a charter member of Alcoholics Anonymous, crashed his helicopter trying to dive under a power line, has been run over by a jeep while hunting and sold used cars… and they are still out there!

But there is a legitimate handful who, like myself, has somehow found true happiness.

Geraldo Uno said, “I think I know how it happens. Look at what they endured before we came along.”

He was right. Most all of the Lucindas that found us Geraldos have come from a previous life so unhappy and unfulfilled that we looked good! We’re not abusive or stingy or overbearing or mean, we’re just not quite housebroken.

Our Lucindas simply had lesser expectations the second time around and we fit the bill.

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