Baxter Black: Brand name beef |

Baxter Black: Brand name beef

Baxter Black
Baxter Black

ROADSIDE CHUCK — Delicious cuts of beef collected from scenic highways around the country. Flattened to the peak of tenderness.

COUNTY LINE CUTS — (A division of Borders Beef Co.) Steaks and stew meat with an exotic history. Green card available upon request.

PENCIL THIN MEATS — The closest thing you can get to jerky and still pay fresh meat prices.

HYDEN HARE — Novelty meats for teething babies and dog training.

NO FAT PATS — Ground meat from aged, exercised beef, supplied by Vold Rodeo Productions.

HOLIDAY HELPER — Pressed patties preformed in the shape of the occasion; Santa, a turkey, a football, the judge’s gavel.

SPACE FOODS — Shrink wrapped, unidentifiable portions intended to be served a long way from point of purchase.

SWEET MEATS — Chocolate covered chicken kidneys, beef liver or sliced pork tongue, expensively and individually wrapped in foil.

MARINATED MERRY MEAT — Your choice of brisket or flank steak marinated in the fruit juice of the day. Hawaiian punch, grape, etc.

CHURCHILL DOWNS SPORTS MEAT — A line of highly select steaks and specialty cuts from near winners.

CERTIFIED BEEF BEEF — Guaranteed to contain less than .2 percent by wtight rodent hair, weevils, water buffalo. Sho Glo, Wildroot Cream Oil and Spam.

MA’S DEHYDRATED DELI MEATS — Excellent for busy traveler. Simply open the handy zip lock bag and add water. Makes its own gravy!

SIERRA SAM’S ALL NATURAL TRAIL MIX — A delightful concoction of dried beef, pine needles, shredded Environmental Impact Statements and quaky bark.

BILLY BOB’S BEEF TALLOW — Great for your complexion. Eat it, drink it or rub it on!

LO TAR TIBITS — Small portions from non-smoking steers.

WYOMING ONE SHOT SELECT — Stew meat marinated in liquid smoke. Contains a tantalizing hint of antelope.