Baumgardner wins over Hagenbuch |

Baumgardner wins over Hagenbuch

Collin Smith

Below are unofficial results for the state House District 57 race between Democrat Todd Hagenbuch and Republican Randy Baumgardner:

Randy Baumgardner (GOP) 56% (19,599)

Todd Hagenbuch (Dem) 43% (15,074)

Republican Randy Baumgardner won handily in Moffat County in his bid for the state House with a 3,697 to 1,741 majority.

Baumgardner collected nearly 68 percent of the local vote in Craig. His opponent, Democrat Todd Hagenbuch, garnered 32 percent of the Moffat County vote.

Both candidates made a case that their respective ranching backgrounds would prepare them to handle a variety of issues with the Legislature.

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Each said they had extensive experience with natural resources, specifically water, and that they could be trusted to represent Northwest Colorado concerns for energy development and water conservation in Denver.

The two also advocated for more energy industry taxes to return to local communities for roads, as opposed to state spending that money.

Hagenbuch and Baumgardner support an “all-out” approach to energy development, however Baumgardner specified he wanted to emphasize support for fossil fuel development because those are more abundant and commercially viable now.

Hagenbuch, who went door to door in Moffat County over several weekends, said he was glad he had a chance to meet local residents and explain to people how some of the stereotypes they may have about Democrats didn’t apply to his platform.

On several contentious social issues, Hagenbuch said he carried more conservative beliefs than some might guess. He supports gun rights and the people’s right to vote on all tax increases, he said.