Barnyard buddies: Fair entrants show goats, pigs |

Barnyard buddies: Fair entrants show goats, pigs

— A full range of farm residents was out and about Thursday as the festivities of the Moffat County Fair continued with the goat and swine shows.

Area youths trotted out their goats in the morning for judging in the showmanship and market categories, with the latter encompassing animals from 58 to 107 pounds ready to go up for auction.

Alexi Goodnow took home grand champion and reserve champion with her goats, Swayze and Kahlua, both of which were the individual winners in the Class II and Class III weight levels, respectively.

The 15-year-old first started her tan and white companions down the road to victory earlier this year.

"I've had them since January or February, but I've worked with goats, lambs and pigs for years," she said.

Alexi also took reserve champion behind blue-ribbon winner Andrea Maneotis within the senior showmanship goat category, but for Alexi, the payoff is demonstrating her commitment to her animals.

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"It was great getting to show what we've worked hard for," she said. "This is a great organization here."

Later in the day, Mariah Bangs, 15, was raring to go for the swine show, an event she's entered her porcine pals in for three years. Although her 244-pound porker failed to place within the senior showmanship category, she wasn't discouraged.

"It's really competitive here and a lot of people do it, so it's not easy to win, and that's why I love it," she said.

Although only a select few make it to champion status, you'd have to search hard for a participant who doesn't enjoy the fair atmosphere.

Goat handler Wyatt Bellio, 14, placed third and seventh in market and showmanship, but working with his goat Pedro is an ongoing project. Wyatt said the best part of this time of year is socializing with people with similar interests.

"I love being around people, and it's fun to see everybody here," he said.

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Results from Moffat County Fair goat show


Grand champion: Alexi Goodnow

Reserve champion: Alexi Goodnow

Class I: 58 to 69 pounds

Dustin McLaughlin — 1st

Class II: 77 to 79 pounds

Alexi Goodnow — 1st

Class III: 80 to 89 pounds

Alexi Goodnow — 1st

Class IV: 94 to 96 pounds

Andrea Maneotis — 1st

Class V: 98 to 107 pounds

Andrea Maneotis — 1st



Champion: Andrea Maneotis

Reserve champion: Alexi Goodnow


Champion: Bryson Davis


Champion: Dustin McLaughlin

Reserve champion: Trinity Boulger

Results from Moffat County Fair Swine Show


Grand Champion: Andrea Maneotis

Reserve Champion: Jordan Meagher

Class I: 179 to 221 pounds

Tristin Bailey — 1st

Class II: 222 to 234 pounds

Emma Knez — 1st

Class III: 235 to 240 pounds

Shaye Zimmerman — 1st

Class IV: 241 to 249 pounds

Hunter Fredrickson — 1st

Class V: 250 to 252 pounds

Kobe Meagher — 1st

Class VI: 253 to 257 pounds

Tyler Gerber — 1st

Class VII: 258 to 261 pounds

Andrea Maneotis — 1st

Class VIII: 262 to 263 pounds

Kaden Hafey — 1st

Class IX: 265 to 269 pounds

Reese Weber — 1st

Class X: 270 to 275 pounds

Jordan Meagher — 1st

Class XI: 276 to 280 pounds

Andrea Maneotis — 1st

Class XII: 281 to 286 pounds

Jared Baker — 1st



Champion: Andrea Maneotis

Reserve Champion: Jerica DeLong


Champion: Jared Baker

Reserve Champion: Gage Kawcak


Champion: Trinity Boulger

Reserve Champion: Aftyn Kawcak