Baggs man charged with kidnapping |

Baggs man charged with kidnapping

A 29-year-old Baggs, Wyo., man has been arrested and charged in connection with the alleged abduction of a Baggs woman who was bound to a tree with duct tape, burned with acid and choked multiple times Monday.

Douglas Alan Reeves, who was living in a room at the Country Inn Motel in Baggs, faces felony charges of kidnapping and aggravated assault.

He is being held on a $50,000 cash or commercial bond.

The 42-year-old victim told a paramedic that Reeves might be a possible suspect as she was treated for her injuries after the kidnapping and assault. Reeves was arrested at his motel room.

“It’s not your night to die,” the woman’s assailant told her after she was kidnapped and assaulted in the Baggs cemetery, according to a police affidavit.

The woman ate dinner at the Drifter’s Inn Motel at about 8 p.m., according to police. When she left the restaurant, a man was hiding in her vehicle. He tapped the woman on her shoulder when she began driving. He then grabbed the victim’s hair and throat and told her to keep driving, according to court documents.

She sped up, then stopped the vehicle. The kidnapper then took the wheel, forced the woman between the vehicle’s front seats and continued to drive north to the town’s cemetery, according to an investigator’s affidavit.

The woman told authorities she was dragged through the cemetery gates and bound to a tree with duct tape around her throat. After the assailant left for a while, he returned to tell the victim, “It’s not your night to die,” according to the report.

The assailant reportedly then released the woman from the tree and bound her hands behind her and her feet together and bounced up and down on her. The woman said she thought the man grabbed her by the throat at least 10 times during the attack and that her assailant had poured some kind of acid on her, according to the report.

The woman told authorities she was carried back to her vehicle and driven back to town. The assailant stopped in the parking lot of Robidoux’s Auto Repair and ran away. The woman freed herself and drove to a friend’s house for help.

She was taken to The Memorial Hospital after being treated by a local emergency medical technician in Baggs, according to the report.

The victim’s condition and whe-ther she was admitted to the hos-pital is private information in assault cases, TMH Administrator Randy Phelps said.

According to the court report, the EMT who treated the victim also works at a liquor store in Baggs. The EMT — a woman — came into contact with Reeves on Monday night when he came into Outlaw Liquors to buy alcohol.

The worker told police that Reeves said he had killed women in California and that he was sent to prison for abuse.

The store clerk became uncomfortable and asked Reeves to leave, though he refused, according to the report.

The worker called in for help to close the store. Before leaving before 9 p.m., Reeves reportedly purchased a pair of white gloves.

“He put them on and said, ‘Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, and you don’t want to but God tells you to,'” according to the affidavit.

The EMT said that statements made by Reeves at the liquor store and the victim’s attacker were similar, after the EMT questioned the woman while treating her for injures early Tuesday morning. The victim sustained third-degree burns on her forearms from a corrosive chemical, according to police.

Reeves lived in the same apartment building in Baggs as the victim until he was kicked out three months ago, according to the report. The victim told the EMT that Reeves might be a possible suspect.

An officer went to Reeve’s motel room. After gaining permission to search his room, police found a pair of white gloves with an unidentifiable pink stain.

According to the report, Reeves said that he went to the liquor store and had a conversation with the worker but denied saying that he had ever killed anyone, upon being questioned.

Colson said that Reeves has a criminal history in California but that it didn’t involve any homicide convictions.

Baggs Police Department, Carbon County Sher-iff’s Office, Moffat County Sher-iff’s Office and Craig Police assisted in the investigation, Colson said.

Wyoming State Bureau of Inves-tigations is combing the victim’s vehicle for evidence after it was transported to Rawlins, Colson said.

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