Back-to-school fashion trends for fall |

Back-to-school fashion trends for fall

Mari Katherine Raftopoulos

Must-haves for fall

Chunky jewelry

Sporty T-Shirt

Comfy dress

Thermal pullover

Anything plaid

Skinny belts

Fitted jackets

Colorful polos

— “This outfit is cute.

“I found these jeans with gold sequins on the side that I really like,” said Caroline Thornberry, a first-grader-to-be at Sunset Elementary, as she rummaged through the assortment of back-to-school clothes at her favorite store, Kmart.

At age 6, Thornberry sees back to shopping as her opportunity to be a star.

“Before I go shopping, I watch my favorite movie stars Hannah Montana and Vanessa Hudgens of ‘High School Musical’ so I can see what is in style,” Thornberry said. “I like how they dress. It is similar to what I find here.”

What she found, khaki tailored pants, black loafers and a sweater vest, quite a professional outfit for such a little body.

Fitted Jackets, Plaid, bulky jewelry, chunky shoes and baby doll dresses are the some of the back-to-school fall trends of 2007.

Plaid is everywhere this season from shoes to purses, jackets to shorts.

Stocking manager of Abercrombie & Fitch at Park Meadows Mall of Aurora, Erica Ulrich has been organizing back-to-school clothing since June 25, and sees the look to be a very different look than in years past.

“This year’s fall line has a very old school appeal. There is definitely some cabin fever here in our store, with all variety colored plaids,” Ulrich said.

Even with the new changes Abercrombie & Fitch still is sticking true to their name.

“I have noticed that almost all the clothes in our store have our moose logo and brand name on them,” Ulrich said.

Her favorite outfit, dark skinny jeans paired with plaid blouse, a look that agrees with senior-to-be Tara Montoya, who found a back to school outfit at Maurices.

Not used to wearing high heels, Montoya is getting used to the idea of fashion.

“I am a very casual dresser, but I am beginning to like this season dressier appeal,” Montoya said. “Especially the fitted jackets with long button down blouses.”

Manager of Maurices Nancy Bohrer enjoys what she sees on the floor of Maurices this fall.

As the summer days get shorter, skirts and dresses still are in for the fall but reaching new lengths.

And the flowing shirts of summer are more tailored and fitted for the fall season, said Bohrer.

“I like these fall trends more than last year’s. The style is more upbeat and fun,” Bohrer said. “There are bright colors and patterns everywhere instead of the plain, earthy tones we usually see.”

Orange, yellow, blue and purple are some of the vibrant colors found in the junior sections this fall for the girls.

Light grey, brown, navy blue and olive green is the color scheme for the boys.

For eighth-grader-to-be Colby Haddan, back to school shopping advice is compliments of his older brother, Zach Haddan.

“My brother is a sharp dresser, and I use him for an example when I go back-to-school shopping with my mom,” Haddan said. “I like dressier clothes.”

If this is the case, Haddan will be shopping until he drops this season.

The back-to-school trends for the boys include striped and plaid button down shirts.

These are commonly paired with thermals or graphic tees.

Vintage looking jeans still are in style for boys.

“Sales are picking up with back-to-school shoppers,” Ulrich said.

“The first weekend in August we are going to be slammed with shoppers,” Bohrer said.

The countdown begins until the first day of school.

There are 23 more days to shop.

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