Attempted break-in suspected at Craig Daily Press |

Attempted break-in suspected at Craig Daily Press

Patrick Kelly
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A security guard from Thunder Run foiled a suspected attempted break-in at the Craig Daily Press’s office space on Thursday night.

Earl Madsen said he was doing his normal patrol of the Daily Press when he came around the building’s north side and entered the alley between the Daily Press and The Popular Bar.

As he rounded the corner, he saw an individual in a black hoodie sweatshirt and jeans come out of the entryway to the rear of the Daily Press.

“He looked around and seen me and he took off running,” Madsen said.

By the time Madsen got up to the door, the mystery individual was long gone.

“He’d already made it across that parking lot somewhere,” he said.

Madsen said he wasn’t sure what the individual was doing but upon closer inspection he found a metal file sticking out of a door handle and assumed it was an attempted break-in.

Because the power was off at the Craig Daily Press that night due to electrical issues, Madsen said he couldn’t get a good look at the individual’s face but he estimated the suspect was a male in their mid- to late teens.

“That’s unfortunately all the description I could get,” he said, noting the individual’s hoodie that blocked their face.

But Madsen, based on his experience providing security services, said he had no doubt the suspect was up to no good.

Craig Police Department Commander Bill Leonard confirmed that a burglary had been reported after a security officer discovered an individual allegedly attempting to gain entry to the Craig Daily Press.

“It appeared the metal file was being used to pry the metal door knob out of the door,” he said.

The door remained locked and secured, and no property was missing from the Craig Daily Press.

Contact Patrick Kelly at 970-875-1795 or Contact Patrick Kelly at 970-875-1795 or or follow him on Twitter @M_PKelly.Contact Patrick Kelly at 970-875-1795 or or follow him on Twitter @M_PKelly.

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